Questions and Thoughts Arising from the Project
Questions about Color and Writing
  1. Reading and decoding color takes place in a different part of the brain than decoding of high contrast black and white fonts.  Will reading color change the way we biologically process information?
  2. How is the perception of colors used in other species?
  3. What can birds and fish see with a greater number of cones?
  4. Is color linked with sexual attraction?
  5. Can accurate color memory be improved through reading color text?
  6. How can color be used to associate meaning with other things in the environment.
  7. Are some colors easier to “see” (tell apart) than others?
  8. How is color necessary for the evolution of the species?
  9. How can color text be used in conjunction with cryptology?
  10. Can color be used outside of emotive states or cultural constructs to represent ideas.
  11. Do colors need to be associated with names to be remembered?  Will the association with the alphabet increase the recall in people?
Why use colors to represent the English alphabet?
  1. Using color, one can write without the limitation of using glyphs to represent data. As color has no direct shape (the arbitrary choice above of a rectangle is only used to make reading large blocks of text less difficulty), color can be used in ways that traditional fonts can not be.
  2. Color text can be used inside of images to encrypt character data or might be used to embed metadata within the image itself or for use with online cryptology.
  3. Colors can be applied to 3-dimensional objects with a high degree of complexity when traditional fonts and letters can not.
  4. Color can be applied to existing text to render double meanings.